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Top Performance and Peace of Mind

Our services are designed to cover all your needs, no matter your size, project complexity or your experience with new NDT technologies.

Warranty & Support

Our standard warranty assures you that you are protected for years to come if anything happens with your instrument. We also provide quick free rentals, so you can continue your work without a hitch, while your instrument is being repaired. Extended warranty and versatile service agreements that include inspections, calibrations and free visits - are all designed to cover your specific needs, lower costs with maintenance and ensure the highest operating performance of your equipment.


Our commitment to help you keep your instruments in good working condition goes beyond brands offered through our product catalogue. We can quickly identify the right parts that need to be repaired or replaced on any instrument new or old, and we can help you find the best solution for your business needs. Parts and work warranty come standard with our repairs, and maintenance contracts are always an option when you need even more assurance. And for the times when you can't afford work interruptions, you can also rent any equivalent instrument from our extensive catalogue.

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Equipment Renting

Renting is a cost effective solution before you make a commitment to buy, when you need to cover production peaks or solve new and unexpected situations. Any of our products are available for rent, and if you are not sure what you need, we can help you identify the right instrument.

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We strive to keep on top of the newest NTD technologies and share them with our customers and beyond. Our advanced workshops, that cover specific industries or are focused in depth on a methodology, are designed to give you a leg up over your competition

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When you buy any equipment from us, we want to make sure that you get the highest return on your investment and your solution works at its maximum potential. That's why, training your staff to properly use your new instruments is always included with your purchase.

On-demand training for NDT methodologies or specific applications are also available. From understanding basic principles and start the road to certification, to improving existing skills, our sessions are tailored so you can leverage your staff's new knowledge in the shortest time.

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Consulting & Project Management

Fitting all the cogs and executing a large project can be overwhelming and costs can skyrocket when you don't have a clear picture. Our industry experts can take over parts or whole projects, and navigate their complexity, from solution proposals, to writing technical offers and official validations. And if your needs are way more specific than anything standard out there, no need to find clumsy “work-arounds” - we can manufacture a custom solution that fitslike a glove right from the start.

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