Handheld menu operated surface roughness tester with 13 roughness parameters and graphic display


  • High performance instrument
  • Easy to operate menu software
  • Graphical display on large LCD
  • 13 different roughness parameters
  • Pick-up stylus position indicator
  • Auto-off after 5 minutes, with auto-store
  • Selectable language English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Dutch
  • Data output RS-232 to printer TA-230 or PC
  • Excellent battery power with Li-ion technology

Technical specs

Roughness parameterRa, Rz, Ry, Rq, Rt, Rp,
Rmax, Rv, R3z, RS, RSm,
RSk, Rmr, P
Assessed profilesPrimary profile (P),
Roughness profile (R),
Tp curve (material ratio Mr)
Profile recording magnificationVv: 200x ~ 20000x ,
Vh: 20x, 50x, 200x
StandardConforms to ISO/DIN/JIS/ANSI
(menu selectable)
Measuring systemMetric mm, imperial inch
Display resolution0.001μm / 0.04 μinch
DisplayLCD 128 x 64 dot-matrix,
with back-light
Dimensions LCD50mm x 30mm screen
Display featuresDetector stylus position indicator,
battery level indicator,
direct display of parameters and profiles,
direct printing, LCD brightness adjustment,
auto-off after 5 minutes with auto-store,
calibration through software (each cut-off)
Display languagesEnglish, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch
Data outputRS-232; direct to printer TA-230 or PC
RangeRa, Rq : 0.005 - 16μm
Rz, Ry, Rp, Rt, R3z : 0.02 - 160μm
RSm, RS : 2 - 4000μm
Tp : 1-100% (% Ry)
Cut-off length0.25mm / 0.8mm / 2.5mm
Evaluation length Ln1~5 cut-off
Tracing length Lt(1~5 cut off) + 2 cut-off
Digital filterRC, PC-RC, GAUSS, D-P
DetectorStandard model TS-100, Inductive,
Diamond tip radius 5μm
Bores from diameter6.0mm, depth 15mm (TS-100)
PowerLi-ion battery rechargeable
Battery capacity1000mAh (>3000 measurements)
Charger220V, 50Hz
Operating temperature0°C - 40°C
Dimensions unit141mm x 56mm x 48mm

Order details

Handheld menu operated surface roughness tester, 13 roughness parameters, graphic display

Standard delivery

  • Main unit
  • Detector TS-100
  • Roughness test plate Ra
  • Protection nose
  • Steel support for stand alone use
  • Charger 220V, 50Hz
  • Screwdriver
  • Carrying case
  • Data cable
  • Manual
  • INNOVATEST certificate


Special detectors for grooves/small bores; Detector TS-110, detector TS-120
Extension TSE-A
Extension TSE-B 90°
UKAS certified reference standards
TA-610 test platform
Steel adapter (ø 8mm)
Steel adapter for connection to platform TA-610 (L-attachment)
TA-230 printer