Stress Corrosion Cracking Solutions

Olympus offers a range of productive solutions to detect or evaluate the depth of surface-breaking stress corrosion cracking. These solutions are based on the OmniScan MX ECA, a powerful and easy to use eddy current array flaw detector.


As a part of its eddy current array solutions, Olympus proposes an innovative pipe inspection kit for stress corrosion cracking detection.

Though the results are comparable, ECA technology is much less time-consuming and labor-intensive than penetrant or magnetic-particle inspection. With ECA inspection, you can eliminate costly and complicated procedures, such as paint and coating removal.

The new versitile ECA probe with interchangeable wedges fits a wide-range of pipe sizes.

With the new continuous mode, scan imagery is revealed in real time with a constant results stream.


  • Efficient inspection on magnetic and non-magnetic alloys.
  • Indications are detected in all directions with only a single pass.
  • No need to remove paint; fewer steps means time-savings.
  • The 32-coil probe provides a large area of coverage.
  • Defect depth evaluation capability.
  • Continuous mode provides interrruption-free scan imagery.
  • Imagery and archiving enabled.
  • Adjustable sensitivity and post-process analysis.
  • Green method ( no chemicals involved)

Replace Conventional NDT Methods with Eddy Current Array Technology

Penetrant Testing

Red dye penetrant indications

ECA Stress Corrosion

Eddy current array indications with red dye color palette (patent rights protected)

Pipe Inspection Kit

Probe Kit
eca stress probe
eca stress probe
eca stress probe

The pipe inspection kit includes 15 wedges for pipe sizes from 33.4 mm (1.310 in.) and up.

Adaptable to Part Geometry

When a part changes shape, Olympus wedges can adapt.

1. Select the wedge you need.

2. Slide the wedge into the slot.

3. Apply the flexible probe to the wedge.

4. The probe is now ready to use