Laser roughness scanning system, portable high-speed and non-contact measurement


  • Portable high-speed, non-contact measurement
  • Provides accurate readings in Ra
  • Built in high-sensitive photoelectric sensor
  • Large FTF-LCD display with a resolution of 320 × 240 dots
  • Based on a DSP chip for data processing, high speed roughness calculation and low power consumption
  • Built-in high capacity lithium-ion battery and charge control circuit
  • RS232 interface, achieve data upload and model parameters download
  • Automatic shut down
  • 64 groups of models can be applied to indentify the quality of workpieces
  • Widely used in quality control

Technical specs

Measuring parameterRa
Measuring rangefrom 10nm - 1.0µm Ra
Error10nm - 0.2µm < Ra 0.03µm
0.2µm - 1.0µm < Ra 10%
Display FTF-LCD
Power supplyLi battery 4×3.6V, 2200mAh
Power adapterInput: 100~240V, 50Hz~60Hz
Output: 9V 2.5A
Storage temperature-25°C~50°C
Operating temperature0°C~40°C
Dimensions164mm × 152mm × 46mm

Order details

Laser roughness scanning system

Standard delivery

  • Digital controler
  • Laser scanning head
  • Power adapter
  • Leather carrying bag
  • Sample plate
  • Communication cable
  • Manual
  • INNOVATEST certificate