High Intensity Light Sources


ILH-2 High intensity light sourceFor examination of large cavities and viewing over longer distances, or where CCTV or photographic equipment is in use, a high intensity light source is recommended, such as the Olympus ILH-2, which uses a powerful 50W Metal Halide arc lamp.The small size and light weight aids portability and makes the ILH-2 an ideal solution for portable system packaging solutions. 

It is available in two different variants - the ILH-2A for operation from AC power supplies and the ILH-2B for DC battery compatibility or from a separate AC power supply.  In addition, both versions feature two separate 12V DC outputs for convenient connection to accessory products such as CCTV cameras and LCD monitors. The ILH-2 light source can be retrospectively fitted to many of the Olympus Series 6 videoscope system packages where the resulting improvements in brightness allow significant enhancements in performance for these systems.

The ILH-2 will accept standard Olympus light guide cables and by using an accessory lamp tray assembly, is compatible with the larger light guide cables employed by 16mm (0.63") diameter rigid borescopes.  A mechanical brightness control is featured to adjust the light output without affecting the color temperature.

The ILH-2 lamp contains Mercury.  Dispose according to local, State or Federal laws.


ILP-1 Light source for large void inspectionsThe ILP-1 light source has been specifically designed for large void inspections. Incorporating the latest UHP lamp technology it is now the brightest, most powerful light source ever produced by Olympus.

The ILP-1 has two hirose power outputs offering a 12VDC 4 amp total for operation of Olympus ancillary equipment.


NOTE:  The ILP-1 lamp contains Mercury.  Dispose according to local, State or Federal laws.For specifications.


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