Coating thickness gauges with built-in, external or interchangeable sensors.


  • Correct readings with interference free measurement with precise evaluation through SIDSP®
  • Extended field of application through exchangeable sensors to cover different ranges up to 15 mm (600 mils) thickness (with CG740)
  • High flexibility of use through versatile sensors (the CG740 sensor can be changed from built-in to external sensor on a lead)
  • Automatic substrate identification with FN sensors accelerates measurements and helps avoiding operating errors
  • Efficient temperature compensation eliminates errors caused by changes in temperature
  • High precision characteristic curves achieved during the manufacturing process by calibrating up to 50 calibration points
  • Large memory capacity for storing up to 100,000 readings in 10 and/or 100 batches
  • Readings and statistical values can be called-up individually
  • Large, easy-to-read backlit graphics display, with 180° rotatable display orientation
  • Easy menu-guided operation, 25 menu languages are available
  • Built-in IrDA port for infrared data transmission to printer or PC
  • Future-proof through downloadable sensor and gauge software updates

Technical specs

Models availableProbes available for F (ferrous; on steel/iron),
N (non-ferrous metals) and
FN (combined), see list
Sensor modelBuilt-in (CG720),
external (CG730) or
changeable from built-in to external (CG740)
Number of data memories10 (CG720/CG730) or 100 (CG740
Number of storableMax. 10,000 readings (CG720/730);
Max. 100,000 readings in total (CG740)
StatisticsNumber of readings, minimum, maximum,
average, standard deviation, coefficient of variation,
block statistics (norm-conforming/free configurable)
Calibration proceduresAccording to international norms and standards ISO,
SSPC, „Swedish“, „Australian“
Calibration modesFactory calibration, Zero calibration,
2-point and 3-point calibration,
user adjustable offset value
Monitoring of limitsVisual and audible alarm to
indicate limit deviations
Measuring unitsμm, mm, cm; mils, inch, thou
Operating temperature– 10°C…60°C; 14°F…140°F
Storing temperature– 20°C…70°C; – 4 °F…158°F
Data portIrDA 1.0 (infrared)
Power supply2 Mignon/AA batteries
Norms and standardsDIN EN ISO 1461, 2064, 2178, 2360, 2808,
3882, 19840; ASTM B244, B499, D7091,
E376; AS 3894.3, SS 1841 60, SSPC-PA 2
Dimensions157 mm x 75.5 mm x 49 mm;
Weight built-in/externalApprox. 175 g (CG720);
Approx. 210 g (CG730);
Approx. 175 g/230 g (CG740)

Order details

Coating thickness gauge with built-in sensor

Coating thickness gauge with external sensor

Coating thickness gauge with changeable from built-in to external sensor

Standard delivery

  • Plastic case with gauge
  • Probe as chosen
  • Calibration set with calibration standards and zero reference plate(s)
  • Batteries AA (2 pcs)
  • Manual
  • INNOVATEST certificate


Measuring stand for F1.5/N0.7/FN1.5 sensors
Rubber protection case
Software basic edition data transfer
IrDA adapter-USB for wireless data transfer
Probes (F or N or FN series selectable), see overview