Heavy duty video based Universal hardness tester with test forces from 3kgf/29N to 750kgf/7.35kN



The NEMESIS 9500™ is the universal hardness tester most suitable for heavy duty testing in the INNOVATEST standard range of testers. Partly based on the technology of the NEMESIS 9000™. Built for tough environments.
The floor type frame reaches a height of 2 meters and offers a workspace of not less than 650mm height and a throat depth of 400mm from spindle center. Rockwell, Vickers and Brinell, but also pure depth test methods such as H, HVT and HBT are part of the standard test procedures of the NEMESIS 9500™.
3 Models cover a range of test loads either up to 250kgf/2.45kN, 750kgf/7.35kN or 3000kgf/29kN.

The frame of the NEMESIS 9500™ is equipped with a heavy duty motorized spindle, allowing to position the test piece on the required working height.
The NEMESIS 9500™ has a descending test head allowing each test piece to be tested on an ergonomic working height. The linear actuator of the NEMESIS 9500™ is equipped with a load cell closed loop system guaranteeing excellent accuracy and a wide range of fast testing procedures.

The test head is equipped with a 6 positions modular turret (indentors and objectives) and an optical zoom video system with 5mp HD camera. High performance PC driven automatic and manual indent measurement with automatic filing and storage functions. Refined algorithms for automatic measurement on materials normally less suitable for automatic measurement.



IMPRESSIONS™ is the advanced user operating system of the NEMESIS 9000™ Series. The software incorporates, manual and automatic measurement for all scales, image editing, file storing, image storing, report printing, turret operation, manual or automatic focusing and many other advanced functions.

The firmware converts to 3 different hardness (and tensile) scales simultaneously. The conversions can be set to material and standard (ISO/ASTM)

The system also controls an (optional) X-Y stage, rotary or inclining table that can be plugged into the standard built-in driver of the tester.
No additional charges, no external devices.

In combination with an X-Y stage the tester offers the option of running case depth hardness programs, pre defined testing patterns and/or other specific or special tasks defined by the user.

All data can be copied or exported in to MS applications like Word, Excel, or a report generator that emails test results directly to your workstation, or server. All data can be accessed over the LAN or WLAN connections.

Technical specs

Hardness scalesRockwell, Vickers, Brinell,
Vickers depth (HVT), Brinell depth (HBT)
Load applicationLoad cell, force feedback, closed loop system
Load range1kgf/9.8N - 250kgf/2.45kN,
3kgf/29N - 750kgf/7.35kN,
10kgf/98N - 3000kgf/29kN
Motorized turret3 indentor positions,
3 objectives positions
Optical systemHigh definition,
5Mp machine Vision system
Objectives3 installed for 0.7x - 1000x magnification
Electronic systemHigh performance built-in PC, Windows® 7,
15” full color touch screen, automatic
and manual measurement
StandardsMeets or exceeds, ISO, ASTM, JIS (Nadcap) standards
Test loads1kgf/9.8N, 2kgf/19N, 2.5kgf/24N, 3kgf/29N,
4kgf/39,2N, 5kgf/49N, 10kgf/98N, 15kgf/147.1N,
15.625kgf/153N, 20kgf/196N, 30kgf/294.2N,
31.25kgf/306N, 45kgf/441N, 50kgf/490N,
60kgf/588.4N, 62.5kgf/512N, 100kgf/980.7N,
125kgf/1225N, 150kgf/1471N, 187.5kgf/1838N,
250kgf/2.45kN, 750kgf/7.35kN, 1000kgf/9.8kN,
1500kgf/14.7kN, 3000kgf/29kN
Rockwell test scalesA, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V
Vickers test range1kgf/9.8N - 120kgf/1176N (depending on model)
HV:    1kgf/9.8N, 2kgf/19N, 3kgf/29N, 4kgf/39,2N
          5kgf/49N, 10kgf/98N, 20kgf/196N, 30kgf/294.2N,
          50kgf/490N, 100kgf/980.7N 120kgf/1176N
HVT:    50kgf/490N, 100kgf/980.7N
Brinell test range1kgf/9.8N - 3000kgf/29kN (depending on model)
HB1:    1kgf/9.8N, 2.5kgf/24N, 5kgf/49N,
            10kgf/98N, 30kgf/294.2N
HB2.5:  6.25kgf/62N, 15.625kgf/153N,
            31.25kgf/306N, 62.5kgf/612N, 187.5kgf/1838N
HB5:    25kgf/245N, 62.5kgf/612N, 125kgf/1225N, 250kgf/2.45kN, 750kgf/7.35kN
HB10:   100kgf/980.7N, 250kgf/2.45kN, 500kgf/4.9kN,
            750kgf/7.35kN, 1000kgf/9.8kN, 1500kgf/14.7kN,
HBT:    5kgf/49N, 250kgf/2.45kN
Rockwell MessbereicheA, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, K, L, M, P, R, S, V
Test cyclesAutomatic and Manual
Force control2 - 99 seconds
ConnectivityUSB-2, Blue tooth, WLAN, LAN
Workpiece accommodationVertical capacity     650mm,
Horizontal capacity  400mm (from center-line)
Operating temperature10°C to 35°C, non-condensing
Machine dimensions540mm x 1000mm x 2120mm (WxDxH)
Machine weight1100kg
Power supply100V AC to 240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz, 3A, single phase

Order details

Heavy duty video based Universal hardness tester,
test forces 3kgf/29N to 750kgf/7.35kN

Standard delivery

  • Large testing table 650 x 500mm
  • Motorized turret with 6 positions
  • Objectives for 0.7x - 1000x magnification
  • Built-in 3 axis support driver
  • Toolset
  • Wireless mouse and keyboard
  • Power cable
  • INNOVATEST certificate
  • Installation and user manual


Certified indentors
Certified reference hardness blocks
V-anvil, hardened, ø80mm
V-anvil, hardened, ø120mm
Testing table, ø235mm
Indentor, Vickers, long
Other testing tables and X-Y stages
Built-in 5 axis support driver
Precision vices, V-blocks and special clamps