Integrated Inspection Systems

Productivity has become one of the most important criteria for metal producers who wish to remain cost-effective over the long term. However, quality has also become an essential factor in providing high-value products to valued customers, whose expectations have become increasingly high in this regard.

As such, Olympus continually strives to innovate in the development of high-speed inspection systems that adhere to the highest international quality standards, without any compromise to productivity. The Olympus Systems business unit primarily focuses its efforts on developing and delivering industrial inspection system solutions capable of inspecting long metal products, such as bars, billets, wires-rods, and tubes.

Olympus offers standardized industrial turnkey solutions that can be adapted to customers' requirements, as needed. Each aspect of the system delivery can be provided through a single project, which may include any of the following: testing equipment, mechanics, electronic instrumentation and automation, a water management system, and commissioning.